Allspice Essential Oil: Benefits, blending ideas, How to Use, and Side Effects

The high eugenol content in allspice essential oil gives it a warm and spicy aroma. The spice has nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove aroma and flavor, with a dash of pepper. Allspice has long been used to improve digestion, but people have identified several new uses in recent years.

Allspice is extracted from pimento berry and leaves through a process of distillation.

Benefits of Allspice Essential Oil

Many everyday goods, such as women’s and men’s grooming products and massage oil mixtures, contain allspice essential oil. The essential oil has many health benefits and therapeutic uses such as:


Analgesic refers to a mind-numbing effect. Allspice is an alternative to other drugs offering the same mind-numbing result. It also does not introduce narcotics into your body. This mind-numbing and neve-numbing effect allows you to withstand the pain from muscular injuries, insect bites, and joint pain.


Allspice has a nerve-numbing effect, similar to the mind-numbing effect. Numb nerves do not sense pain, nor do they carry the feeling of pain to the brain.


Antioxidants slow down or prevent cell damage from free radicals, which cause weakening muscles, hair loss, and other age-related problems. In addition, free radicals are linked to some cancer types, like colon, intestine, and prostate. Arguably, this is the most vital benefit of allspice essential oils.


Allspice oil can treat sudden, involuntary muscle contractions, also known as cramps or spasms. It can also calm and soothe hyper reactions and nervous conditions, relaxing the whole body.


It can also help maintain your metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, and support cell growth.


An antiseptic protects the body from infection in case you are wounded. Allspice will prevent the growth of bacteria. Infected wounds can escalate very quickly into life-threatening conditions.

Improves Digestion

Intestinal gas can be painful and embarrassing. It usually has many different causes, but allspice essential oil can help relieve the pressure. The oil can also stimulate an increase in digestive enzymes and ease indigestion.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the chemicals present in allspice oil, phenolic acid, shows promise in helping to prevent mental deterioration, according to a 2015 study.

Asthma Treatment

One of the main compounds in allspice can control asthma by treating the inflammation that causes it.

Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Allspice helps lower blood sugar levels. It works by improving insulin’s efficiency.


Allspice Essential Oil has many uses, thanks to its many benefits. From adding flavoring food to perfumes, personal care products, and in medicine, allspice is versatile.


You will often find the spice blended in with other oils to produce different effects. For example, you will find allspice in:

A diffusing blend

Allspice is popular in fall diffuser blends. It gives an aroma that is immunity-boosting.

  • Three drops of allspice
  • One drop of lavender
  • Two drops of orange


You can also blend allspice essential oil into perfumes. It is used as a bridge between the middle notes and either masculine base notes or top notes, depending on your preference.

Massage Oil

Thanks to the analgesic effects, allspice is often used in massage oils. A popular blend you can try out is the Sweet Fire Massage Blend:

  • Two drops of black pepper
  • Two drops of allspice
  • Six drops of sweet orange
  • Two drops of ylang-ylang
  • One oz of sweet almond oil

Mix up the ingredients in a ten ml bottle and shake till they are mixed. The blend works well for cramps.


When mixed with other common spices, allspice helps create a relaxed environment and relieves anxiety, nervous exhaustion, and stress.

You can try this popular stress relief blend:

  • ten drops of geranium or sweet orange
  • five drops of black pepper
  • two drops of lavender
  • three drops allspice

Put the ingredients together in a bottle and shake to mix. Use the blend in a diffuser for a relaxing environment and lifted spirits.

Cold Relief

Allspice can be used to relieve respiratory stress with this blend:

  • two drops of allspice
  • two drops of geranium
  • six drops of cardamon
  • four drops of thyme linalool

You can place a drop of this blend on a tissue and breathe it in. You can also use the mix for diffusion. For example, this blend will open the sinuses when rubbed on the chest.

Immunity Boost

To take advantage of allspice’s antioxidant properties and boost your immunity, mix:

  • four drops of ginger
  • three drops of allspice
  • four drops of grapefruit
  • three drops of cinnamon

Add the blend to your aromatherapy inhaler and use it as needed.

Digestive Aid

This blend can help relieve gas discomfort, nausea, digestive upset, and even stomach cramps. Mix the following spices:

  • one drop of allspice
  • four drops of lavender
  • one drop of spearmint
  • Jojoba oil (carrier oil)

Use a 10ml roller bottle to mix the lavender, allspice, and spearmint drops. Fill up the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil. Rub the mixture on your stomach.

Possible Side Effects

While usually, it does not have any side effects, some people have shown allergic reactions to allspice. In addition, Allspice may cause problems with people with gastric ulcers. It may also affect mineral absorption.

Precautions Before Using Allspice Essential Oil

Allspice essential oil may cause skin inflammation while concentrated. You should never use allspice oil without first diluting. Mix allspice oil drops with a carrier oil. Use a ratio of three drops of allspice to three tablespoons of carrier oil at least. Perform a tiny patch test to check for a reaction.

It is possible to poison yourself with the spice if ingested. Therefore, you should consult with a health worker beforehand.

Allspice essential oil can slow down blood clotting. However, people going for surgery and pregnant women should avoid it.

Do not use allspice essential oil on children or the elderly.

Where to Buy:

You can buy Allspice essential oil online as ell wat any grocery store, or at Mountain Rose Herb


Allspice Essential Oils is a marvel. It has a diverse range of uses, and research shows many more possibilities. From possibly reversing aging to cancer prevention, this spice may be the most important compound ever.

Though the studies are not complete, these qualities are proving very interesting.

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