Baobab Fruit Powder: Top 10 Health Benefits and Uses

The baobab fruit powder contains various vital vitamins and minerals and is a nutrient-dense, prebiotic food that helps enhance glowing skin.
The baobab tree is one of the world’s largest and oldest trees, with carbon dating indicating that it might survive for 3,000 years or more. The tree’s fruit is similar in appearance to a large mango or coconut. Among the elements included in baobab pulp are vitamins C and E and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and a range of antioxidants. The baobab tree is native to Africa, Arabia, Australia, and Madagascar, among other places. Although it may grow up to 98 feet (30 meters) in height, it is best known for its big fruit, which has a citrus-like flavor and is extremely popular.

It has been discovered that the pulp, leaves, and seeds of the baobab fruit, which is also available in powdered form, provide several health advantages. During the growing season, the Baobab tree produces an orange-colored fruit pod with a pulp that dries on the tree and is collected only when brown. In addition, it possesses prebiotic characteristics, has a low glycemic index, and helps to improve the suppleness of the skin. The flavor is sweet and zesty, akin to zingy sherbet, and delicious.

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The following are the top ten benefits of baobab fruit powder.

1. It has a high concentration of several vital vitamins and minerals.

The baobab fruit contains a variety of vital vitamins and minerals. The nutritional value of baobab varies based on the region in which it is harvested. Protein, vitamin C, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins are all present in variable concentrations throughout the plant, as are a variety of other nutrients. 

Many other nutrients can also be found in different parts of the plant. For example, vitamin C is necessary for the health of the bones, skin, and blood vessels, among other things. Baobab powder contains six times the vitamin C value of orange in terms of weight, and one tablespoon of baobab powder delivers 33 percent of the daily necessary vitamin C intake.

Bone health, muscular function, heart health, and brain health depend on minerals in the body. According to research, ingesting potassium in conjunction with water enhances the body’s rehydration process.

2. Digestive Well-Being

Aduna Baobab includes a high amount of fiber, which can aid in digestion and assist in avoiding problems such as constipation, intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and hemorrhoids from developing. Our bodies require fiber in two forms: soluble and insoluble, and baobab contains both types. Soluble fiber dissolves in water when broken down by the body. Therefore, it may assist you in decreasing your blood cholesterol level.

3. The Immune System’s Operation

To receive enough vitamin C, we must ensure that we consume enough of it via our diet daily. Because the human body cannot make or store vitamin C, we must drink enough through our diet daily. It takes 10g or 2-3 teaspoons of baobab powder to meet your daily vitamin C requirements, which is 33 percent of your daily requirement. In addition to its high vitamin C content, its prebiotic fiber aids in the balance of the gut flora, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

4. Personal Hygiene

A high concentration of vitamin C is found in baobab powder, which helps to increase the development of collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin elastic and youthful. In addition, antioxidants are produced in more significant quantities when vitamin C is present in high concentrations, which aid in preventing oxidative damage and are excellent for healthy, beautiful skin. One of the most effective meals for enhancing your gut-skin axis, you’ll have a more balanced gut microbiota while also reaping the advantages of skin nutrition.

5. Loss of Weight

This plant is high in fiber and has been demonstrated to lessen hunger, which may be beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Consuming fewer calories and losing weight is made easier with the help of reducing cravings and enhancing sensations of fullness. Adding 14 grams of fiber per day can help you lose up to 10% of your daily calorie intake and 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg) in four months. 

6. Baobab fruit powder may be beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels.

This powder contains 34 percent soluble fiber, which helps to decrease the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream and, in turn, reduces the number of energy spikes experienced by the user. It was discovered by the Oxford Brookes University Functional Food Centre that individuals who consumed baobab milk had lower blood glucose responses. It may also help people with type 2 diabetes. 

7. The presence of antioxidants and polyphenols may aid in the reduction of inflammation.

Antioxidants and polyphenols, which are substances that protect cells from oxidative damage and help to reduce inflammation in the body, may be found in large quantities in baobab. Research suggests that chronic inflammation may contribute to various health diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. It also indicates that chronic inflammation may contribute to diabetes. Baobab powder has six times the amount of polyphenol antioxidants found in berries in a single serving compared to berries themselves.

8 Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help the body to function appropriately (good bacteria)

It contains 50 percent dietary fiber, with 75 percent of it being soluble prebiotic dietary fiber, making it a natural whole food. In addition, the powdered baobab fruit is an entirely natural whole-food high in antioxidants. The consumption of baobab fruit powder dramatically enhanced the production of two of the three major bacterial groups, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

9. High in Calcium

Compared to other plant foods, baobab powder has the highest calcium content, with twice the calcium level of milk. Calcium is one of the most prevalent minerals in our bodies, and when paired with vitamin D, it helps maintain strong bones and good skin and hair. 

10. Cardiovascular Health 

The potassium content of baobab fruit is high, which aids in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure by promoting sodium excretion through the urine and lowering tension in blood vessel walls. Lowering blood pressure protects the body from heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, and other serious cardiovascular diseases. Hemoglobin, which transports oxygen-rich blood to all of the body’s cells, is made up of iron. 

11. The condition of the bones

Calcium and magnesium, two of the minerals found in this powder, are critical for bone health, especially as we mature. Therefore, for healthy bone strength to remain, it is necessary to consume foods that contain enough amounts of minerals and nutrients for the bones. Fortunately, dried baobab powder has a high concentration of minerals, including two elements that are critical for bone health.

12. Outstanding facial appearance

Its high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C helps promote collagen production, resulting in vibrant, glowing skin and preventing wrinkles. According to the World Health Organization, baobab powder contains twice as many antioxidants per gram as goji berries and more antioxidants than blueberries and pomegranates.

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Uses of baobab fruit powder

Baobab grows in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia and can be eaten fresh or powdered. Enjoying baobab and reaping its unique health benefits can be done in various ways. We recommend 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons (or both). Baobab powder is a nutrient-dense, prebiotic food that helps to enhance glowing skin, immunity, and general wellness by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. You need two to three teaspoons of this vital vitamin per day to receive its benefits. Following the dose directions will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit while avoiding overdosing on specific nutrients.

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Several health benefits have been associated with baobab fruit. For example, it is possible that including baobab in your diet may help you lose weight, maintain a healthy blood sugar level, reduce inflammation and improve the health of your digestive system. In addition, at least in powdered form, baobab is widely available and incredibly adaptable, making it simple to add to our diet and supplement our nutritional needs.

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